Minutes of the AGM 2022 – 8 July 2022

Location: Swansea.com Stadium

President: Michael Morgan

Present: Michael Morgan, Alison Vickers, Bruce Roberts, Mandi Gwynne, Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, Mark Sullivan, Jonathan Richards, Ross Edwards, Michael Jones, Marc Roberts, Christina Coates, Alex Alderson, Amelia Eccleson-Davies

Apologies: Alan Brayley, Amy Seppman, Gareth Thomas, Ryan Miles, Natasha Fulford

The Annual General Meeting started at. 10:38 am

Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 2 December 2021.

Minutes of the previous AGM held 2 December 2021 were proposed as accurate by the Club President and were seconded by Mark Sullivan. These minutes are available to anyone that would like to see a copy.

Amendment to last year’s minutes, Alison Vickers was present at last year’s AGM.

Presidents’ Report

Michael Morgan thanked everyone for attending the first in-person AGM in three years at Swansea.com Stadium, acknowledging those who have lost loved ones or had businesses affected by the pandemic.

He presented his report, which is attached to these minutes.

The President thanked board member Andrew Downie, Deputy President Amy Seppman, and Sarah Stockdale from Bevan Buckland for their hard work in implementing the new website, membership and booking system during 2021.

Membership has remained the same as last year, at 331 members. However, this was commended due to the strategic change of the booking and membership system and removing the element of paying by direct debit. Some members haven’t yet renewed due to change of payment method, but membership is expected to be higher by the end of 2022 once they have renewed.

Supported by membership and sponsorship fees, and event sales, finances are detailed to be in a healthy position, with Alison Vickers presenting in further detail in the Treasurers’ Report.

The President thanked everyone for their support, including photographers; Tim at Behind The Lens Media, James at Stori Cymru, Diyan at Innovation Photography, and all partners; JCP Solicitors, reTHINK PR & Marketing, NetBop, Media Wales, Bevan Buckland, Morgan & Morgan, and season sponsor Swansea University School of Management for their third consecutive year.

Final thanks were given to the Board who have given their time and tireless efforts, especially Deputy President Amy Seppman.

Treasurers’ Report

  • Alison Vickers presented the Treasurers Report
  • Detailed change in financial year, to 12 months financial year, explaining a slight discrepancy in numbers compared to previous years.
  • Income totals £15,771. Not as favourable as year before which was a longer period due to extended Covid financial year.
  • Total sponsorship £2,900
  • Total expenditure £11,180
  • Marketing and admin costs £6,668
  • Reported an overall surplus of the year at £28,273
  • The Treasurer thanked Eric Davies (Independent Financial Examiners Report) who approved the report.
  • The President noted that the new admin tender was won by local company to Swansea, reTHINK PR & Marketing and that the previous administrator chose not to reapply. Thanks to Grapevine Event Management for the past few years and the work they put in.


Election of new Board Members

Appointment of Independent Financial Examiner – Alison proposed that Eric Davies continue in this role, and was seconded by the board, no objections.

Club Ambassador

It was proposed that Bruce Roberts continue in the role of Club Ambassador for another two years, and was seconded by the board, no objections.

Amendments to the Constitution

The President Michael Morgan proposed the following amendments to the Constitution, seconded by Louisa Huxtable-Thomas:

  • Removal of Meetings Executive Role – go to President and Deputy President for any queries
  • Simplification of the paragraph relating to the retirement of Board Members
  • Amendment to the AGM date to allow the AGM to take place within 9 months of the financial year end
  • Amendment to processes in line with new Glue up system
  • Amendment to quorum for Executive Meetings for voting purposes to ensure that any resignations do not leave the board unable to vote


Any Other Business

The meeting ended at 10:52am