Our President’s Chosen Charity

Swansea Bay Business Club has chosen to continue supporting ABF The Soldiers’ Charity through 2022.

Who are ABF The Soldiers’ Charity?

ABF The Soldier’s Charity supports soldiers, veterans and their immediate families who are in need and to help them avoid hardship. The Army’s National Charity, ABF provides various grants to members of the Army family when they are in need, including Mobility, Education and Training, Elderly Care, and Home grants and aim to respond to their requests within 48 hours.

How much we have raised for the charity so far:

As of December 2022, Swansea Bay Business Club had supported Army families across Wales by donating an impressive total of £8058.21 to ABF The Soldiers’ Charity. Find out more about ABF The Soldiers’ Charity here.

Past chosen Charities of our Presidents include:-

2011-2013 Kath Whitrow- Treat Trust Wales and Swansea Alzheimer’s Society
2013-2015 Bruce Roberts- Macmillan- £3000
2015-2017 Hayley Davies- Ty Hafan – £60,000
2017-2019 Paul Gardner- RNLI- £11,000
2019-2021 Alan Brayley- ABF The Soldiers’ Charity – £8,060
2021-2022 Michael Morgan- 2022 ABF The Soldiers’ Charity – £24,500

2023 Wales Air Ambulance – £TBC