Business Card Draw (members only) Sponsor the business card draw and the speaker gift at each event. £400 per annum
[Sold out for 2022]
E-Shot Service* Exclusive e-shot promoting your business to our database of over 1,000 local businesses. Includes your company logo and website link. * for Corporate Members only £250 per e-shot
[Only 6 available per year]
Table Plan Sponsor* Company logo on event table plan which is circulated to anywhere between 100 and 200 attendees.  * for Corporate Members only £200 per event
[Sold out for 2022]
Event Sponsor

Celebration Events

St David’s (sold for 2022)
Beaujolais day

Flagship Lunch (sold for 2022)

Business Lunches

Launch Event (postponed)
April Event (sold for 2022)
May Event (sold for 2022)
June Event (sold for 2022)
July (sold for 2022)
September Event (sold for 2022)
October Event (sold for 2022)

Breakfast Event

September (sold for 2022)

Option A

  • Company logo on event including publications, menu cards, advert in the table plan, website power point presentation, inclusion on pre and post event PR
  • Verbal acknowledgement
  • Social media shout outs
  • Opportunity to have promotional material at event, including two pop-up banners
  • Two free places at the event
£300 Breakfast Event – excludes advert in the table plan

£650 Business Lunch

£1250 Celebration & Flagship Events

10% discount for Corporate Members

Option B

All benefits of Option A plus…

  • Five minute speaker slot
  • 8 additional free places on one table or spread out for networking
  • Opportunity to be sat on top table
£1250 Business Lunch

£2250 Celebration Events & Flagship Lunch

10% discount for Corporate Members

Season Sponsor

(January to December)

 Details and price on enquiry SOLD
[Sold for 2022]