Minutes of the AGM 2023 – 10 November 2023

Location: The Village Hotel, Swansea

President: Michael Morgan

Present: Michael Morgan, Amy Seppman, Alan Brayley, Alison Vickers, Mandi Gwynne, Andrew Downie, Jonathan Richards, Bruce Roberts, Glenn Lewis, James Owen, Phil Lloyd, Ryan Miles, Caitlin Evans

Apologies: Natasha Fulford, Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, Mark Sullivan, Gareth Thomas

The Annual General Meeting started at: 11:00 am

Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 8 July 2022.

Minutes of the previous AGM held 8 July 2022 were proposed as accurate by the Club President and were seconded by Amy Seppman and Alan Brayley. These minutes are available to anyone that would like to see a copy.

Presidents’ Report

The President thanked those for attending the AGM following the Bank of England Breakfast event.

He presented his report, which is attached to these minutes.

Investment of £4 billion in the region in the next ten years following the Bank of England report; therefore, Swansea Bay Business Club has never been in a better in a position as of now.

The President discussed the years highlights, stating there has been more sold-out events than any other year. The President also stated that the club has engaged with more national speakers this year, with thanks to Dr Debra Williams for facilitating some of the speakers.

The President discussed the current cost-of-living crisis and how the club has managed this. Membership fees have remained the same, with thanks to board member Mandi Gwynne for her help in maintaining the cost of venues.

Membership has increased from 322 members last year, to 483 members this year. Expected to reach the clubs target of 500 members by the end of the year.

Thanks given to September Lunch speaker Carolyn Harris MP for facilitating a board member and key sponsor trip to attend the House of Commons.

The President thanked board member Andrew Downie for his hard work in streamlining the booking system. The President also thanked Alison Vickers and Sarah Stockdale at Bevan Buckland for their hard work.

The President thanked everyone for their support, including photographers; Tim at Behind The Lens Media, James at Stori Cymru, Diyan at Innovation Photography, and all partners; JCP Solicitors, reTHINK PR & Marketing, NetBop, Bevan Buckland, Morgan & Morgan, and season sponsor Swansea University School of Management for their fourth consecutive year.

Final thanks were given to the Board who have given their time and tireless efforts, especially Deputy President Amy Seppman.

Treasurers’ Report

  • Alison Vickers presented the Treasurers Report
  • Luncheon sales £41,413
  • Total speakers £4,750
  • Total membership £15,270
  • Total sponsorship £12,183
  • Admin costs £14,828
  • The Treasurer thanked Deputy President Amy Seppman for gathering sponsors.
  • Reported an overall surplus of the year £24,427
  • The Treasurer thanked Eric Davies for his work as the Independent Financial Examiner.
  • Accounts now approved by a qualified accountant.
  • Seconded by immediate past President Alan Brayley and Club Secretary Bruce Roberts.


New Club Policies and Procedures

The President states that the Club Policies and Procedures document is to demonstrate how the club operates.

Deputy President Amy Seppman states that the documents are intended for the board to easily identify the club dynamics and will be useful to refer to in future decision making.

  • Item B.11 to be updated from the term ‘independent’, to ‘qualified’.
  • Item E to be updated to state that charity fundraising is not allowed unless it is part of the club’s chosen charity of the year.

Deputy President Amy Seppman confirms that the Constitution was produced by lawyers at JCP Solicitors.

Amendments to the Constitution

No amendments to the Constitution.

Club Policy and Constitution seconded by Jonathan Richards.

Retirement of Board Members

President Michael Morgan thanks immediate past President Alan Brayley for his time as a board member ahead of his retirement in 2024.

Thanks given to Bruce Roberts for his time on the board, as Member, President and Secretary. He will continue to serve as an honorary member and Club Ambassador.

Any Other Business for Which Notice was Given

Qualified accountant now prepares accounts which is scrutinised by the board.

The meeting ended at 11:28am