Minutes of the AGM – 2 December 2021 at 9am

Held via Zoom

President: Alan Brayley (chair)

Present: Alan Brayley, Hayley Davies, Alison Orrells, Andrew Downie, Rebecca Francis-Davies, Jonathan Richards, Mandi Gwynne, Amy Seppman, Mark Sullivan, Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, Ryan Miles, John Thomas, Gwyn Thomas, EASYBOOKS,Andrew Walker, Gareth Thomas, Ruth Davies.

Apologies: Bruce Roberts, Sioned Jones

The Annual General Meeting started at 9am

Minutes of the Previous Meeting held on 12 November 2020.

Minutes of the previous AGM held 12 November 2020 were proposed as accurate by the Club President and were seconded by Mike Morgan. These minutes are available to anyone that would like to see a copy.

Presidents’ Report

As outgoing President, Alan Brayley thanked everyone for attending the meeting and confirmed that it is his final AGM as President and also at the Christmas Lunch on 3rd December 2021. He thanked the Board and members for their commitment and enthusiasm.

He presented his report, which is attached to these minutes.

The President thanked Hayley Davies, Sioned Jones, Jane Parker and Allison Orrells for their dedication to the Board and to Swansea Bay Business Club. They will be standing down on 31 December 2021.

Netbop and Andrew Downie were thanked for their hard work on the new website, which was launched in 2021.

Treasurers’ Report

Alison Vickers presented the Treasurers Report

Covid year – gross profit. Membership down on the year before. Successful year in terms of sponsorship Swansea Uni

Total sponsorship £10,550

Total Exp £4k

We sponsor events

Marketing and admin costs £10k

Reported a surplus reserves of £31k and it was agreed as a Board that we would spend £10k of this on a new website.

The Treasurer gave thanks to Eric Davies (Independent Financial Examiners Report) for signing off.

The President thanked AV for the report.

Election of new Board Members

The President proposed the election of 3 new board members: Ryan Miles, Gareth Thomas and Louisa Huxtable-Thomas

Seconded by Hayley Davies.

The new Board members were warmly welcomed and thanked for their commitment.

Appointment of Independent Financial Examiner

It was proposed that Eric Davies continue in this role and this was seconded by Mandi Gwynne.

Club Ambassador

It was proposed that Bruce Roberts continue in the role of Club Ambassador and this was seconded by Amy Seppman.

Copy of the Papers

Members were reminded that they were welcome to request a copy of the minutes of the previous AGM. The minutes of this AGM will be circulated.

Any Other Business

The incoming President, Mike Morgan, thanked Alan Brayley for his tenure as President through an extremely challenging time.

The meeting ended at 9.10am